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Welcome to

Our website’s goal is to promote arts and crafts.

You will discover : canvases , drawings ,collectible dolls and married doll couples on a heart-shaped pedestal all hand-crafted and with dédication  from our French artists   

(don’t forget to send us the content of  your dédication)

 The stamp of authenticity will also appear on each artistic creation.

 The adventure has yet to start   

Because many artists and artistic designers are going to join our ranks.

        In lieu of this , the website will be continually updating and you, of course , will be our privileged  viewers.

For any event: Weddings , Birthdays , Christmas , Baptisms , Valentine’s Day , Mother’s  Day , Father’s Day etc…  

You’ll find here: The chic and original gift.
We hope you will add our site to your favorites.
Happy searching !

Nicolas BARRIO alias TEKS

Portrait artist (painting/drawing)

Born in Cavaillon , in the south of france , in 1988, currently based in l’Herault right besides Sète ,
and  coming from a very strong artistic family  background ,
Nicolas BARRIO alias «TEKS » is an exceptional self-taught artist.
Drawing has always been a passion from childhood and he spent the majority of his free time doing so.
He specializes in portraiture ,an area he excells in today.
In 2014 ,he was innovating the first canvas ! See picture right: an inspiration from « POP ART ».
His first exhibition was held in Sète (in the south of France ) in 2017 and shined through his artistry.


Doll costume designer/seamstress

Born in Forbach , in the east of France ,in 1961, currently based in l’Herault right besides Sète,
Domi Barrio Ragaru also comes from a very strong artistic family background .
This comes in close relation  to her aunt Ginette Ragaru ,who also created collectible dolls and 
owned two reputable boutiques in Gaillac (81) and vichy (03).
Domi specializes in designing  and construction of clothing  for collectible dolls.
Not just the clothes,she fixes their hair and make up,and creates accessories and jewelry for the dolls.
The result  is astonishing and elegant .To add , each doll is one-of-a-kind.
Among her creations , you will find beautiful married doll couples ,
Who  are  refined with care and artistic excellency. They’re already becoming a hit !
If you would like,Domi can embroider their first names and the wedding date on their heart-shaped pedestal.
All the collectible dolls and married doll couples , created by Domi , are unique models.

All our artistic creations are certified by two authenticity stamps.

Tell us the dedication to be written and signed by our artist on the back of the artistic creation when placing your order.
(160 characters maximum)

Example of a personalized dedication :